The well-outfitted gardener

Dig It Gloves

From tip to toe, here’s what experts favour in gardening garb and gear.

· Mark Hartley loves his Tilley hat

· Felco pruners are the secateurs of choice for Sheila Murray

· Gloves are very personal. GardenMaking magazine’s  Beckie Fox favours thick gardening gloves while Caroline de Vries of Tradewinds International prefers nitrile gloves by BDG and Atlas, Kim Price likes Mark’s Choice gloves, and Sheridan Nurseries’ Bill Stensson opts for French pigskin gloves by Lee Valley.

· Stylish Penny Arthurs of the Chelsea Gardener never ventures into the garden without donning her vintage Chanel tweed jacket (with lots of pockets).

· Practical and functional, an old belt with two holders for pruners and snippers is just the ticket for landscaper Sheila Murray.

· Landscape architect Martin Wade straps on cushiony knee pads

· BOG boots are the favourites of landscaper Neil Pike

· And for gardening columnist and author Sonia Day, a glass of vino and a comfy patio chair is the best gear for gardeners!