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Toronto Botanical Garden
777 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario M3C 1P2
T. 416-397-1341
Instagram/Twitter: @TBG_Canada

 Please note: Due to COVID-19 restriction most staff are working remotely so the best form of communication is via email. 


Gardening Help Line, Toronto Master Gardeners, 416-397-1345
Garden Shop, 416-397-1357
Group Tours, 416-397-4145
Membership, 416-397-1483
Weston Family Library, 416-397-1343

Chief Executive Officer, David McIsaac, 416-397-1484

Fractional CFO, Mark Hirowatari, 416-397-1359
Fractional HR Lead, Tracy MacMillan, 416-397-1359
Financial Analyst, Serge Voznyak, 416-397-1352
Accounts Payable, Jody Hitchcock, 416-397-1371
Administrative Assistant, Hanadi Ayoubi, 416-397-1335

Director of Development, Alison Kenn, 416-397-1372
Membership & Development Officer, Sharon Rashid, 416-397-1483
Head of Volunteer Services & Tour Guides, Sue Hills, 416-397-4145
Grant Writer, Beverley Murray

Director of Education, Rochelle Strauss, 416-397-1355
Adult Education Supervisor, Lisa Der, 416-397-1344
Adult Education Program Coordinator, Souha El-haj, 416-397-1362
Children’s Education Supervisor,  416-397-1288
Library Services Manager, Julie Kent, 416-397-1375

Facility Management
Maintenance Manager, André Hinds

Facility Sales & Bookings (Weddings, Social and Corporate Events)
Sales Executive, Curtis Jackson, 416-397-1349
Rental Supervisor, Patricia Chevers, 416-397-1324
Rentals Accounting, Jody Hitchcock, 416-397-1371
Rentals Assistant, Hossam El Kalach, 416-397-4891

Director of Horticulture, 416-397-1316
Seasonal Gardener, Dean Ruhnke
Seasonal Gardener, Sasan Beni
Seasonal Gardener, Megan Blacquiere
Ecologist, Katherine Baird, 416-397-7169

Garden Expansion Project
Garden Director, Harry Jongerden, 416-397-1346

Marketing, Communications & Events
Director of Marketing & Communications, Jenny Rhodenizer, 416-397-1351
Events Manager, Christine Lawrance, 416-397-1321
Communications Assistant, Claudia Peter
Design Assistant, Sharfaa Badurdeen

Retail Shop Manager, Glenn Davidson
Retail & Hort Administrator, Joanna Joyet

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