Dried Flower Embroidery

An introduction to the art of flowers on tulle

Reviewed by Lorraine Hunter

Looking for a new hobby? Well, if you like working with dried flowers and you enjoy doing embroidery you might love the book Dried Flower Embroidery, An Introduction to the art of flowers on tulle by Olga Prinku.

This “new” craft which the author calls embroidery with flowers on tulle or dried flower embroidery combines traditional embroidery using dried flowers, foliage and other plant-based materials instead of thread.

This craft evolved from Prinku’s love of making things and her “obsessive habit” of bringing nature into her home. The book shares the knowledge and techniques she has mastered since coming up with the idea in 2016 using her own enthusiasm and creativity. It was wreath making that led her to the idea of making art with flowers on tulle using embroidery hoops. The book describes Olga’s trials and errors as she experimented with her new craft including learning to dry flowers herself which she explains in detail. It includes instructions for 15 projects ranging from a framed skull to a Christmas tree decoration, a clutch bag, a bowtie, a pendent and even a lampshade as well as various hoop designs.

She discusses her favourite plants for drying including flowers and leaves, seed heads and foliage, berries and grasses and instructions for foraging, drying and storing them. She also shares her designing principals, how to attach flowers to tulle and the basic tools you will need.

The great thing about this book is that while she offers specific instructions for each project, Prinku also encourages readers to experiment with different designs, plants and ideas to make them your own. A great gift for someone with a creative bent.

Dried Flower Embroidery by Olga Prinku. (Hardie Grant Quadrelle).