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Our shop is temporarily closed for in-person shopping but our online is store is open 24-7.  The final day for curbside pick up will be Thursday, December 24, 2020 from …

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Our Gardens are Open Daily, Dawn until Dusk

January 2021 Update – Our gardens as well as Edwards Gardens and the Don Valley ravine are open for you to enjoy. The gardens are open from dawn until dusk …

TBG Bloom Cafe is closed for the season

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Our beautiful gardens offer a colourful backdrop to your outdoor event. You’ll also be able to have your photographer to take additional photos in our gardens. SECURE YOUR DATE. Now …

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Botanical Nerd Word

Birch bark showing lenticels

Botanical Nerd Word: Lenticel

Lenticel: A pore in the stem of a woody plant, showing as a raised spot that may be filled with a powdery substance. The pore permits air to reach tissues below …

Botanical Nerd Word: Marcescent