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February Online Rare Plant Auction. Thank you!

In February we had our first plant collective we’ve partnered with is BC Rare Tropical Plants who specialize in importing, and propagating uncommon and rare tropical plants! The auction took …

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Our Gardens are Open Daily, Dawn until Dusk

February 2021 Update – Our gardens as well as Edwards Gardens and the Don Valley ravine are open for you to enjoy. The gardens are open from dawn until dusk …

TBG Bloom Cafe is closed for the season

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Our beautiful gardens offer a colourful backdrop to your outdoor event. You’ll also be able to have your photographer to take additional photos in our gardens. SECURE YOUR DATE. Now …

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Botanical Nerd Word

Tulip tree fruits in winter

Botanical Nerd Word: Samara

Samara: A dry, indehiscent, winged fruit.* Tulip trees (Liriodendron tulipifera), maples (Acer spp.), and many other plants produce samaras, commonly referred to as ‘keys.’ Tulip trees, pictured above, often have whorls of …

Botanical Nerd Word: Elaiosome