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Get the most out of your visit to the gardens by booking a tour with our knowledgeable guides. This 90-minute tour includes an guided walk through the beautiful themed gardens …

TBG Bloom Cafe is open daily

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Fall Colours in October

Goldenrods (Solidago sp.) are characteristic of fall, adding bursts of colour to the landscape. Most people associate goldenrods with open fields, however, there are many woodland and wetland varieties as …

One of Nature’s Spookiest Plants

Weston Family Library

Seed Exchange at the Weston Family Library

BORROW, GROW, REAP, RETURN!  We are happy to offer the Seed Exchange program again! This reimagined community service, previously known as the Seed Library, is perfect for Toronto Botanical Garden members and staff to be part of community …

Curbside Pickup and Return Service

Fall Reading

Fall Scaping

Extending your garden season into autumn Reviewed by Lorraine Hunter Whether you are creating a new garden site or preparing your plants for winter, fall—when the garden is in full …

The Living Landscape