Herb: A Cook’s Companion

Review by Carol Gardner

If you enjoy growing, eating and cooking with herbs, I can’t think of a better cookbook recommendation than herb/a cook’s companion by food writer Mark Diacomo. His book is so comprehensive, it won’t leave you with any herb questions unanswered.  

 The first part of the book is a listing and description of individual herbs – growing, harvesting and use. Each description also contains a list of companion foods. How often have you made a dish, knew it needed the zing of herbs, but were unsure which ones to add? Diacomo gives instructions about using herbs in infusions and sauces, how to make oils, vinegars and syrups, how to make herb blends, some common and others more exotic, as well as various methods of preserving .The last half of the book is dedicated to cooking with herbs – soups, salads, main courses and even desserts. There are excellent pictures attached to the recipes, and the book is easy to follow. It is made eminently readable by the author’s casual and witty style (“Sage is the Roy Orbison of herbs; not something I want the company of every day, but when I do it’s perfect”).  

Herb: a cook’s companion, is a 2021 publication of Hardie Grant/Quadrille. 


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