Book Review: Viburnums: Flowering Shrubs for Every Season

Viburnums offer abundant flowers, appealing foliage, stunning fruits and a robust constitution, all of which makes them one of the loveliest, hardiest and most versatile shrubs that any gardener could wish for. However, until the publication of this comprehensive and beautifully illustrated book by Michael Dirr, they seem to have remained singularly unappreciated.

A renowned woody plant expert, Dirr delivers a wealth of information about every species and cultivar worthy of a grower’s consideration. His authoritative appraisals enable every gardener or designer to choose the right plant for the right situation. Extensive chapters are devoted to breeding, planting, care and maintenance, handling of diseases and insects and propagation. Both home gardeners and nursery professionals will find this volume an irreplaceable guide to the choice and care of these most impressive plants.

By Michael A. Dirr; illustrations by Bonnie L. Dirr.

 Portland OR: Timber Press, 2007; 264 pages, $48.95