Edwards Gardens

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Edwards Gardens sits adjacent to the Toronto Botanical Garden. This former estate garden features perennials and roses on the uplands and wildflowers, rhododendrons and an extensive rockery in the valley. On the upper level of the valley there is also a lovely arboretum beside the children’s Teaching Garden.

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Aldona Satterthwaite about the author: Aldona Satterthwaite

Aldona Satterthwaite started gardening as a child and has never stopped. Until recently, she was the executive director of Toronto Botanical Garden. Previously, Aldona was editor-in-chief of Canadian Gardening magazine, which during her eight-year tenure was twice named Magazine of the Year (large circulation category) by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors. In 2007, she was co-named Editor of the Year. Aldona, who’s a Master Gardener, completed her journalism studies at the Regent Street Polytechnic (now Westminster University) in London, England and studied landscape architecture at Ryerson University. She’s enjoyed a varied and successful writing and editing career that has spanned magazines, advertising and the museum world, and has included stints as Director of Writing Services at The Museum of Modern Art, New York and as manager of creative services at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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  • NatureGirl101

    Beautiful image and background of the edwards garden something lovely to see and enjoy also the fact that it gives you the sence of peace and comfort knowing that you can relax and just be yourself!!!

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  • jo baumann

    Sept 29/30 2012, North York Visual Artists Art Tour and Sale. http://www.nyva.ca for full details.

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  • Laura

    I have heard it from the website of Tourism Toronto. And I’ll be there(*^__^*)

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  • Steven Bodrug

    I was at Edwards Gardens this afternoon and was appalled by how much the park has degraded. I don’t know if this is due to a lack of funding, or just typical Canadian stinginess; probably both? The lawns were in brutal shape (compacted soil, bare patches galore, etc.) Are there no turf specialists working in the park anymore? This is one of Toronto’s premier parks; aesthetics should be of immaculate standards. The flower/plant beds were riddled with weeds and needed deadheading; which I did a little of. The new benches in the park are made of plastic and have ugly cement foundations that should be buried; so as not to blight the park. Can you not opt for more attractive benches; and ones made of actual wood? Better yet, allow artists to carve benches out of fallen tree trunks or wooden blocks and find creative ways to incorporate them into the natural topography. Moving on…there was garbage in the Don River. This is unacceptable. There needs to be crew collecting loose litter, all day long, everyday (including litter in the river). Furthermore re the river — why are there large stones used as a means to anchor the banks and stop erosion? This takes away from the River’s natural aesthetic. The shoreline should be stabilized with native vegetation (like rivers are in the wild). The roots will act like rebar and keep the banks in tact. There was also some large chunks of concrete lying in the River. For goodness sakes, where are our standards in this city?! This is disgraceful and utterly embarrassing. That should be removed ASAP! Another complaint I have is in regard to the garbage and recycling receptacles. Could you not use something that is actually of quality design? They’re dreadful, and you can see the plastic bags through the metal grates. It’s astonishing how blue collar this city still is. We just don’t understand details. Heck, even small towns and dying cities like Buffalo have higher standards for their public realm than we do; and we’re the 4th largest city in North America! Why are we so complacent with the cheapest solution for everything? The public realm is something that deserves the utmost attention — always — no exceptions. It’s time to stop being so utilitarian and actually start caring about making our parks and public spaces beautiful. Can we stop being ‘Toronto The Good Enough’ and be exceptional for once? This park could be incredible but, it’s just ok. If this is the standard we have set for one of the City’s most renowned parks, then it’s no wonder that basically every park in Toronto is in poor shape.

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