Garden Etiquette

For everyone’s enjoyment of the gardens, your safety, the comfort of others and the protection of the gardens:


  • Stay on the designated paths and out of the planting beds. Do not climb trees, boulders, the spiral mound or walls.
  • Do not pick, pick up or move anything. View and enjoy the flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves, but leave everything for others to enjoy too.
  • Supervise children carefully. Horseplay and running in the gardens are not permitted.
  • Do not eat plants or fruits. Many plants are poisonous.
  • Do not disturb the wildlife.
  • Dogs, picnics, bicycle riding and sport activities are NOT permitted in the gardens.
  • Use recycling and garbage containers.
  • Enjoy the silence. No playing of musical instruments is allowed.
  • You are welcome to take photos for your personal use. Commercial photography is prohibited without prior consent and/or a permit. Please contact the Facility Rental Office.

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