Echinacea bloom showing disc and ray florets.

Botanical Nerd Word: Floret

Floret: One of the individual small flowers of a clustered inflorescence, e.g. sunflower.* Coneflowers, Echinacea purpurea, are in the Asteraceae (sunflower/daisy family). Like all members of that family, their ‘flowers’ are …

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Pea plant showing tendrils

Botanical Nerd Word: Capreolate

Capreolate: With tendrils.* Many vining plants have tendrils. These peas use their tendrils to grasp and coil around supports. *Harris, J.G., Harris, M.W. (2001). Plant identification terminology: An illustrated glossary (2nd …

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Dame's rocket (hesperis matronalis) bloom showing its 4 petals arranged in a cross shape

Botanical Nerd Word: Cruciate

Cruciate (cruciform):  Cross-shaped, used especially of the flowers of the Brassicaceae family.* The 4-petalled flowers of Brassicaceae (mustard family) plants, such as this dame’s rocket (Hesperis matronalis) are characteristically arranged in …

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