Botanical Nerd Word: Pedate

Pedate: Palmately divided leaf with the lower leaflets further split in two.* The hellebores are beginning to bloom all over the garden this week. Many hellebores have pedate leaves. *Pell, S.K., Angell, …

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Botanical Nerd Word: Spine

Spine: Sharp, pointed modified leaf, leaflet, bract, sepal, or stipule.* These Berberis (barberry) spines are actually modified leaves. Botanically, they’re different from thorns or prickles which are derived from other plant …

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Snowdrops blooming in the Westview Terrace

Botanical Nerd Word: Scape

Scape: A leafless flower stalk.* Snowdrops (Galanthus) produce their flowers at the end of scapes. Garlic also produces scapes which are edible and delicious! *Allaby, M. (2006). A dictionary of plant …

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