Winter: Jobs To Do

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  1. Evaluate the placement, form and framework of evergreens, trees and shrubs, ornaments and structures. Make notes for changes and additions.
  2. Carefully tie twine to damaged or crossing tree and shrub branches. Use these flags to prune out the selected limbs during the appropriate season.
  3. Catch up on gardening literature and review seed catalogues.
  4. Start an indoor vermiculture bin to produce compost all winter.
  5. After a wet snowfall, check evergreens, especially those around the house that may be affected by snow sliding off the roof, and gently brush heavy snows from branches.
  6. Stock up on seed-starting supplies; clean plant stands; create a calendar of when to start seeds.
  7. Clean garden tools that were missed at the end of fall.
  8. Monitor indoor plants for insects and disease.
  9. Top up bird feeders regularly.

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