Paul’s Pick: Patience and Good Pruning

“Wow” and “is it real” are two expressions I have heard repeatedly over the past week as visitors enter the Floral Hall courtyard. They are referring to the breathtaking Wisteria vine that graces the south wall of the building. Although Wisteria are very quick growing vines (the shoots may grow ten or more feet in a single season) they often take a number of years to reach a mature flowering stage. So, a little patience, my friends, is required. Another key to producing such a beautiful spring display is vigorous pruning. Timely and careful pruning by our head gardener Sandra Pella and last year’s seasonal gardener Anastasia Jacubasz last summer and again late this past winter have paid off. If you look at the top left of the image, where we have not be able to reach the vine to prune, the lack of blooms is very apparent. For those thinking about adding this plant to your own home garden, please plan carefully. Wisteria requires excellent (and very strong) support structures. One should also recognize the power of vines to create shade as a cool retreat from the summer sun. The power of plants!  Read more

Thanks to everyone who came out to help set up and support this year’s plant sale. I am pleased; no I am thrilled to report that WE did it! We exceeded our sales target. A tremendous thank you to all! This year, you came to the sale from far and wide (Niagara, Oshawa , Guelph , Mississauga , Brampton , Burlington , Oakville to name just a few cities). Many of you commented that although your gardens are getting full, you came out just to look at the offerings.  I am delighted that we were able to tempt you with some older and proven favourite plant choices and a few new exciting introductions, too!



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