TBG Pressed Flower Group Preserves an Ancient Art
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TBG Pressed Flower Group Preserves an Ancient Art

Birthday, invitation, get well, anniversary…No matter what the occasion you could not send a better greeting than a one-of-a-kind pressed flower card handmade by members of the TBG Pressed Flower Group and sold in the Garden Shop for $5.99 each.

This group has been around for 35 years and one of the last original members, Lillian Robus, just passed away last year. There are currently six members and they agree this is the ideal number to keep up with the demand. The group, including Jacquie Megill, Patricia Stewart, Lynda Bullock, Dianne Kenny, Kathy Quan and Angela Strange meets weekly at the TBG and they do it all…collect and press the flowers and leaves; design and make the cards.

The flowers and leaves they use come from their own gardens as well as those of volunteers and friends. “We beg, borrow and steal to get what we need,” says Jacquie. The group meets all year long doing various themes and colours with special holiday designs at Christmas.

For inspiration for this ancient art, which has been flourishing for years, they look at books and magazines and each member has her own style. Angela does landscapes, for example, and Kathy fashions birds into her designs. The group recently filled a big order of 90 cards for the Garden Club of Toronto. The cards have raised more than $400 for the TBG so far this year.

“It’s a very relaxing hobby,” says Dianna. “Keeps us off the streets,” quips Patricia.

The secret to retaining the natural colour of the flowers used is to select brightly hued top quality fresh flowers, and process and dry them as soon as possible.

Words and photos by Lorraine Hunter




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