From the Stacks: New Library Titles

Thanks to the support and hard work of six new volunteer library cataloguers, many new books are making their way onto our shelves, and subsequently into your hands. Below is a list of some of the latest additions. These new titles can be found on display as you enter the library, or in the stacks in their call number location (included below).

Succulents Simplified: Growing, Designing and Crafting with 100 Easy-Care Varieties, by Debra Lee Baldwin.  (2013)
Call number: 635.9525 Bal  (Main Collection)

Succulent plants can exist in arid conditions by using the water stored in their fleshy tissues, making them low-maintenance where you live. Consequently, they suit all types of gardens and lifestyles and thrive in garden designs not possible with other plants. The author writes with great knowledge, experience and humour presenting growing, designing and crafting methods for 100 easy-care succulent varieties which should help make your personal experience pleasant and rewarding.
-Book review by Madge Bruce

The Garden of Evening Mists, by Tan Twan Eng (2012)
Call number: FIC Eng 2012  (Fiction Section)

For an enjoyable read this summer try this novel which was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2012. It is set in an almost forgotten period of history, the Japanese occupation of Malaya in World War II and the turbulent years which followed.

Yun Ling is the only survivor of a brutal Japanese camp and after the war she wishes to create a garden in memory of her sister who died while imprisoned. She asks Aritomo, who was once gardener to the Emperor of Japan, to design a garden for her. He refuses, but says that if she becomes his apprentice for nine months, she will be able to do it herself. To work for him brings difficult memories of camp life, but she agrees.

An unusual story, elegantly written, this is a book to be read leisurely, so find a shady spot in your garden and enjoy.
– Book review by Jean McCluskey

The Drunken Botanist: the Plants that Create the World’s Great Drinks, by Amy Stewart.  (2013)
Call number: 581.632 Ste (Main Collection)

Complete Guide to Roses, by Michael McKinley.  (2002)
Call number: 635.9 Com (Main Collection)

The Way of a Gardener: a Life’s Journey, by Des Kennedy.  (2010)
Call number: 920 Ken (Main Collection)

The Green Gardener’s Guide: Simple significant Actions to Protect & Preserve our Planet, by Joe Lamp’l.  (2008)
Call number: 333.725 Lam (Main Collection)

Wildflowers of New York in Color, by William K. Chapman…et al.  (1998)
Call number: 582.13 Cha (Main Collection)

African Violets: Back to the Basics Your Questions Answered, by Melvin J. Robey. (2006)
Call number: 635.93381 Rob (Toronto African Violet Society Special Collection)

The Ultimate Guide to Permaculture, by Nicole Faires. (2012)
Call number: 631.58 Fai (Main Collection)

Integrative Plant Anatomy, by William C. Dickison.  (2000)
Call number: 581.4 Dic (Main Collection)

Herbs: an Illustrated Encyclopedia a Complete Culinary, Cosmetic, Medicinal and Ornamental Guide, by Kathi Keville. (1995)
Call number: 581.63 Kev (Reference Collection)

Beautiful Gardens: a Visitor’s Guide, by Jon & Diane Sutherland. (2005)
Call number: 712.60941 Sut  (Main Collection)

Northland Wildflowers: the Comprehensive Guide to the Minnesota Region, by John B. Moyle & Evelyn W. Moyle.  (2001)
Call number: 582.13 Moy (Main Collection)

Oaks of California, by Bruce M. Pavlik … et al. (1995)
Call number: 583.976 Pav (Main Collection)

In Veronica’s Garden, by Margaret Cadwaladr.  (2002)
Call number: 712.6 Cad (Main Collection)

See you in the Library!

– Zachary Osborne, Head Librarian