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Simplicity. Harmony. Tranquility.

A garden is a place of great joy…and, at times, great frustration! It is ever-changing with the seasons and the weather. It is a place of growth, transformation, and renewal. It is spiritual, and it connects us to the earth. A garden is nature’s art.

During these incomparable times, the garden has also been a lifeline. This year, during the COVID-19 lockdown, I have met more neighbours (physically distanced, of course!) than in any previous year. While tending my front garden, people would stop and ask questions: “What is that flower? How does that grow? Is that a poppy? I have never seen that particular variety before!” So many questions that I put signs in my garden to help my neighbours with plant identification.

A diversion. A connection. A mental breather from the overwhelming reality of the world.

In a vibrant city like Toronto, we are extremely fortunate to have such a splendid place as the Toronto Botanical Garden. A welcomed oasis with free admission for all. As much as I love my own garden, I equally love the TBG – a place to learn new things where access to botanical experts is easy and plentiful. And, in such a beautiful landscape!

As a donor, volunteer, member, Garden Club of Toronto member and Master Gardener, I ask you to join me in supporting the TBG through the Hearts & Flowers campaign. At the same time, I am going to ask that you dig a little deeper, stretch a little further, give a little more. I did. I increased my annual contribution understanding that the TBG is experiencing greater financial hardship during the pandemic, and I wanted to support this marvelous botanical garden in any way I could. When it comes down to it: the gardens still need care, and care costs money!

This year, the garden has fulfilled an essential need in our lives – now it’s our turn to reciprocate.

The Toronto Botanical Garden and I, personally, thank you for your ongoing support. Every dollar, whether large or small, will make a big difference. It’s the cumulative support we receive from passionate individuals like you that keeps our gardens growing.

Let’s keep growing together.

Marjorie Lenz
Honorary Chair
Toronto Botanical Garden member since 1995