Fall Freewriters

Wednesdays, October 13 through November 3, 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Feel your way through fall with these drop-in writing classes for nature lovers. Did you have a special summer tending your garden and you’re bursting to share? Would you like to talk about kicking leaves while releasing the past? How about slipping into the silence of winter, as you witness the surrounding changes in nature? Pick your favourite theme(s) and come harvest your stories with fellow nature lovers in these low-pressure writing classes.

Register for the whole session or pick a stand-alone class. Content includes an instructor presentation on the central theme; a writing prompt; an open-class chat to contribute knowledge, ask questions, and expand the inspiration; a timed freewriting exercise (15-20 mins.); and a period to share writing. Sharing will be done all together or in small groups, depending on class size.

October 13: Garden Tenders
For those who love to grow, show, and tell. Discover the history, styles, and purposes of gardening. Then, tell us your own! Unleash your tips, tricks, successes, failures, and personal observations with like-minded growers. Summarize your summer with fellow garden lovers to mark the season’s change.

October 20: Harvest
Picking, canning, preserving, cooking, and that’s just the physical basics of harvest. The long-awaited harvest has traditionally been a time of gathering, helping, and celebrating—feeding the human spirit. While harvesting is known for its juicy abundance, it also bears the ultimate, natural threat to humanity and all of earth’s creatures: that there won’t be enough. Observe some harvest traditions in a presentation and then write and share your personal practices, cooking delights, ceremonies, and even your worries of this great time.

October 27: Free Falling
We’re so often told in life to “let go,” but what does that mean? Here, we look to nature’s most famous releasing season for the courage to find out. We’ll learn a few of nature’s processes as samples to facilitate our discussion. Then, we will freewrite, reflecting upon an aspect of what this great season of release means to you, personally. For example, students might express their favourite fall experience or share their back-pocket science describing one of nature’s phenomena.

November 3: Winter Preparation
The animals, birds, and insects are arranging themselves for winter, and we should be, too. How can we look to the necessity of their preparations to reconnect with our own forgotten instincts? We’ll discuss preparing our minds, hearts, and bodies for the silent season ahead.

Instructor: Stacey Curtis
Full session: Public $100, TBG Member or Volunteer $80 (plus fees + HST)
Individual Sessions: Public $30, TBG Member or Volunteer $24 (plus fees + HST)