Caring for your Tomatoes

Monday, June 14, 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Have you planted your tomatoes and now you’re looking for advice to help them grow? Join Emma Biggs who has lots of tips and tricks she has learned after growing more than 150 tomato varieties in her urban Toronto backyard. She will discuss everything you need to know to take better care of your tomato plants, including pruning techniques, training your tomatoes using cages, stakes and trellises, watering tips, disease prevention, fertilizing, dealing with pests, saving seeds, and any expert advice on other questions you might have! She will also share some of her favourite tomato varieties, and how she uses them in the kitchen.

Program Price: Public – $25 (plus fees + HST) [$30.53] TBG Member or Volunteer $20 (plus fees + HST) [$24.55] Program Location: Online (Zoom)
Registration Deadline: June 14, 12 p.m.



Recognized by Garden Making magazine as one of the “green gang” of Canadians making a difference in horticulture, Emma Biggs is a 15-year-old Gen-Z gardener, author, speaker, and blogger. Her passion is growing tomatoes, trying new, unusual crops, and saving seeds. She raises over 100 tomato varieties in her Toronto garden—gardening in containers, in straw bales on a driveway, in a neighbour’s yard, in wicking beds under a walnut tree, and on the garage roof. Emma gives talks at libraries, seed exchanges, garden clubs, and garden shows. She is the co-host of The Food Garden Life Show. Her latest book, Gardening with Emma, helps kids find the fun in gardening (and helps adults remember how much fun gardening is!)

Find Emma at
IG @emmabiggs_grows