Terraced Garden

This sculptural garden forms a buffer zone between the parking lot and the gardens.  Its underlying structure is built of waste from the original construction site and includes recycled materials such as bottles and bricks for aesthetic purposes.  It is made up of the East-facing bank and West-facing bank. The east-facing bank is steeply sloped and showcases perennials, including a collection of Sempervivum spp. (hens and chicks), that survive in sun-baked conditions where they are exposed to wind, extremes of temperature, drought, traffic pollution and salt. The west-facing slope is an example of terraced gardening style popular in Mediterranean countries where thin soils, temperature extremes and high winds pose unique challenges to vegetation.  The plants are arranged in ribbons or long drifts and are punctuated by vertical elements such irises.  A unique feature of this garden is the exposed steel frames. A variety of hardy groundcovers that can be used to prevent soil erosion are planted here.  Many of the perennials and roses also have a long-flowering season. A Euonymus spp hedge divides the two areas of the garden, providing structure and winter interest.