NEW Trial Garden in Summer 2021

Don’t miss this newly created garden featuring bold combinations and cutting-edge plants sure to be a delight your senses, created in partnership with Ball FloraPlant and Selecta One.

Hundreds of new annuals and perennials will be planted and on display this summer in our newly designed Trial Garden. Normally plant trials and cultivar showcases are not planted in a garden setting but rather, set up in rows or pots. This trial garden will be a unique opportunity to view the plants in a carefully designed garden space. It filled with colourful plant combinations  making it the ideal location for photography and taking the  perfect selfie.

Plant highlights include: Petunia ‘Bee’s Knees’, an award-winning yellow petunia that stands out above all other yellows brought onto the market to date; Coleus ‘Dragon Heart’, with its chartreuse green/hot pink leaves and spectacular form; and Dahlia Dalaya Purple/White with blooms that can only be described as perfection! From Angelonia to cannas, dahlias to salvias, there will be towers of green, drifts of red and pops of orange. There will be texture and form in foliage and fragrance in flowers.

This garden will evolve throughout the summer so be sure to visit often. In mid July, you’ll be able to vote for your favourite plants in the TBG Trial Garden… stay tuned for more details.

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The plants were grown at George Sant and Sons Greenhouses in Kleinberg, Ontario. Founded in 1947 by George Sant, this fourth-generation family farm is now one of the largest suppliers of annual plugs and cuttings in Canada.

The 2021 Trail Garden was designed by Tanya Carvalho,  Territory Manager of Canada at Ball FloraPlant / Selecta One in collaboration with former TBG Director of Horticulture Paul Gellatly.

Many thanks to our generous partners: