2022 New Annual Introductions and Trial Gardens in partnership with BallFloraPlant

New this year will be new annual plant introductions featured in carpet beds as well as pollinator-friendly plant displays throughout the garden created in partnership with Ball FloraPlant and Selecta One. Hundreds of new annuals and perennials will be planted and on display in our newly designed carpet beds and trial gardens. These gardens will be filled with colourful plant combinations and plants that attract birds and bees, making them the ideal location for photography and taking the perfect selfie.

2022 Plant Lists

Carpet bed 1

  • AngelDance Angelonia Fuschia Bicolour 2023
  • ColorRush Petunia (Pink Star 2023, Pink, White)
  • Shamrock Lantana Rose

Carpet Bed 2

  • AngelDance Angelonia Violet Bicolour 2023
  • Shamrock Lantana White
  • SureShot Petunia (Blueberries and Cream 2023, Blue 2023)

Greenhouse walkway beds

First large bed:

  • Blue Chill Salvia 2023
  • Mystic Spires Salvia
  • Landmark Lantana Gold Improved 2023

Second bed:

  • Purple and Bloom Salvia
  • Black and Blue Salvia
  • Landmark Lantana White Improved 2023

Third bed:

  • Roman Red Salvia
  • Landmark Lantana Red

Fourth Bed (with tree):

  • Glimmer Double Impatiens 2023 – First double impatien to market resilient to Downy Mildew
  • Appleblossom
  • Hot Pink
  • Salmon

Greenhouse bed:

  • Venti Dahlia Mango 2023
  • Venti Dahlia Tequila Sunrise Improved 2023
  • City Lights Neon Dahlia
  • City Lights Orange Dahlia
  • Dahlietta Shirley Dahlia

Raised beds with trellis

Left side (full shade)

  • Solar Tower Black and Lime
  • Sunny Lemon Star Thunbergia
  • New coleus for 2023 (Glory Road, Road Trip)

Right side

  • Solar Tower Black and Lime
  • Sunny Orange Wonder Thurnbergia
  • New coleus for 2023 (Amped Up, Fire & Spice)

Pollinator Plants (“MM” = MixMasters™)

  • Cuphea Cherry Bells 2023
  • Cuphea Sugar Bells 2023
  • Shindig MM (Angelonia, scaevola, lantana)
  • Porch Patriot MM (Angelonia, scaevola, lantana)
  • Gold Plated MM (Angelonia, scaevola, lantana)
  • Lucky Charm MM (3 colours of lantana)
  • Sundrop Double Bidens
  • Namid Red + Yellow Eye Bidens 2023
  • Shamrock Orange Flame Lantana
  • Shamrock Peach Improved Lantana 2023
  • Shamrock Butterscotch Glow Lantana 2023
  • Lucky Lantana Sunrise Rose
  • Shamrock Rose Lantana


  • Agastache Little Adder
  • Digitalis Arctic Fox Rose
  • Echinacea Sombrero Baja Burgundy
  • Eupatorium Little Joe
  • Heuchera Big Top Caramel Apple
  • Monarda Bee-Mine Lavender
  • Nepeta Blue Prelude
  • Penstemon Rock Candy Ruby
  • Phlox Ka-Pow Purple
  • Phlox Ka-Pow Soft Pink
  • Salvia nemorosa Blue by You
  • Veronica Skyward Blue
  • Veronica Skyward Pink

These gardens will evolve throughout the summer and early fall so be sure to visit often.

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The plants were grown at George Sant and Sons Greenhouses in Kleinberg, Ontario. Founded in 1947 by George Sant, this fourth-generation family farm is now one of the largest suppliers of annual plugs and cuttings in Canada.

Many thanks to our generous partners: