Toronto Botanical Garden Wins City of Toronto Support

City Expands Management Agreement with Toronto Botanical Garden

Toronto, ON – Toronto City Council is paving the way for the creation of a world-class botanical garden in the heart of the City through the extension of its longstanding relationship with the non-profit Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG). The original 1962 Management Agreement laid the groundwork for the development of Toronto’s Civic Garden Centre, making it possible for it to become a botanical garden in 2004. The new agreement advances the shared goal of implementing the exciting City-approved “Master Plan and Management Plan” for TBG and Edwards Gardens.

The vision to create a world-class botanical garden through the addition of Edwards Gardens’ 30 acres to those already under TBG management, is laid out in the organization’s Master Plan. Great gardens do not appear instantaneously. This moment has been made possible through the TBG’s careful nurturing and stewardship of the garden for almost 60 years. The term-length extension to the Management Agreement by a further 20 years (with an option for an additional 10 years) gives confidence to TBG’s members, stakeholders and donors that their plan to create a great botanical garden for Toronto will be given the necessary timeline to succeed.

Jaye Robinson, Ward 15 – Don Valley West Councillor where TBG is located, said:

“The collaboration between the City of Toronto and Toronto Botanical Garden has resulted in the creation of one of Toronto’s most beautiful public gardens and spurred several generations of volunteer service directed towards nature-based education. We look forward to enhancing the important public benefit and access to nature that the TBG provides Toronto.”

Detailed design of the expanded botanical garden is currently underway. PMA Landscape Architects are leading a multi-disciplinary team of consultants in a holistic reimagining of the full 35-acre site, as recommended by the Master Plan. An amended Management Agreement will facilitate the realization of these designs.

TBG CEO, David McIsaac shared:

“We are very grateful for the assistance provided by TBG’s Ward Councillor, Jaye Robinson, in securing the ‘20 + 10’ year extension of the Management Agreement. We’re also very pleased that the City has shown confidence in TBG to achieve our shared dream of creating a world-class botanical garden.”

Botanical gardens are the public institutions best positioned to provide knowledge and understanding of the world of plants and the importance of plants and healthy ecosystems to all other life on earth. They afford an experience of beauty, inspiration and quiet repose that is greatly desired and needed. As important cultural institutions, they stimulate, educate, inspire and provide pleasure to visitors of all ages and interests. The creation of a world-class botanical garden will bring tremendous social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits to Toronto.