The Gardens of Northern Italy


Date(s) - Thursday, February 13, 2020
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


With stunning photos and enchanting stories, Donna Fenice will take us on tour of northern Italy’s most fascinating gardens. We will visit Italy’s Lake District, a region that has captivated artists, writers and movie directors for centuries, as well as the lush vineyards of Veneto. Whether driven by historical context, bitter rivalries, powerful ambitions, homesickness, or changing fads in garden design, these gardens reveal a fantastical range of styles. From a baroque extravaganza on Lake Maggiore, to a romantic English garden on Lake Como, to a formal Renaissance garden in Verona, to the Versailles-inspired garden of a Venetian Doge (chief magistrate of Venice or Genoa in the medieval and renaissance periods), these gardens are as rich and varied as Italy itself. Buon viaggio!

What would an Italian-themed event be without food? The TBG Cafe will be set up in the lobby with pasta, salad and Italian soda for sale. Please help us reduce waste at this event by bringing your own dishes and cutlery, and by carefully sorting discarded items at TBG’s waste stations.

About Donna Fenice

During her third year as a U of T undergrad student, Donna spent a semester in France. Afterwards she ventured to Italy, where she stayed for several years – exploring Tuscany and beyond from her home in Florence. Upon returning to Toronto, she taught Italian at York University for a few years.

Nowadays, when she is not visiting the gardens of Italy and France, she writes a blog called Loving Italy’s Gardens, leads tours at the Toronto Botanical Garden, and presents to diverse groups on the gardens she has visited. For would-be travelers, armchair travelers, and anyone generally interested in keeping their brains in good shape, she developed a six-week language course focused on everyday encounters in the language of la dolce vita.