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Hearts and Flowers Annual Giving 2017

The Hearts and Flowers Annual Giving Campaign is your end-of-year opportunity to express your support for the Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG) with a gift that helps sustain programs and operational costs. Your Hearts and Flowers donations make it possible for all to enjoy the city’s most beautiful public garden, along with its education programs, events and community activities.

The 2017 Hearts and Flowers Annual Giving Campaign goal is $170,000


“Every year, Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG) marks the fall season with an appeal to its donors and supporters, asking them to commit their donation dollars to the Hearts and Flowers Annual Giving Campaign. This year, the appeal is unlike any other that preceded it, as the TBG prepares to take a decisive turn towards its future as a world-class botanical garden. TBG is engaged in negotiations with the City of Toronto on a “management agreement” that will govern the terms of our partnership in expanding the botanical garden by a further 30 acres.

While plans for the expansion of the current garden are forging ahead, the TBG in its current form remains vibrant and active with outstanding educational opportunities for adults; children’s programs that make us all want to be kids again; and gardens that inspire, delight and teach thousands of visitors year-round. The TBG we all know and love impacts individuals, our community and our entire city by connecting people with nature and inspiring attitudes and actions that benefit the environment. This is the organization I encourage you to support!

Mary and I invite you to join us to support the TBG in its current activities and enable it to continue working towards its brilliant future. During the time it will take to turn our dreams into reality, we still have very important work to do. Please do your part to make the 2017 Hearts and Flowers Annual Giving Campaign a great success. As the organization that embodies our passion for gardens and nature, let’s help TBG lead the way!”

Honorary Chair, 2017 Hearts and Flowers Annual Giving Campaign 


Beauty with a Purpose

Your donation to the Hearts and Flowers Campaign provides Toronto Botanical Garden with the financial resources it needs to connect people to nature. Each year we choose a small project to
represent the campaign. This year, our 2017 “recognition project” will be the reimagining of the gardens surrounding the Water Channel in the Garden Hall Courtyard.

We plan to introduce additional seasonal interest with plant material that will build a more pollinator-friendly environment. A combination of native and cultivated plants, including Echinacea, Lespedeza, Fennel, Helleborus and Crocosmia, along with a large collection of spring bulbs, will tease our senses in the 2018 spring display, and provide nutrition to bees, birds and other insects.
We can’t wait to enjoy a new floral palette, and the friendly buzzing of resident pollinators … with your support!



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