Make a Gift to the Garden

Spring has sprung! We are ready to spring into action and are asking you to make the leap with us! With your generous support, our goal, during the Gifts to the Garden campaign, is to raise $10,000 that will go directly to support our volunteer gardeners, our horticulturists, and our learning teams delivering exciting and memorable TBG experiences for you and our community.

“Help us kick it up a notch and make the TBG even more beautiful by purchasing much-needed gardening tools and supplies.”—Roger Gettig, Director of Horticulture

Our horticulture and learning teams have been working hard to curate the perfect list of goodies that will keep our garden blooming, while also facilitating excellent learning opportunities for our volunteers. For $100 you can contribute towards an orchard ladder that will help our horticulturists reach new heights, or for $25 purchase a pair of bypass pruners that will make our volunteer gardeners buzz. Don’t forget about the magnifying glasses for our young nature explorers. For only $45, you can help them to discover the magic of the Garden. Plus, there are so many more items to choose from!

“Making a gift to the garden will support the Education Department in delivering the best programs to stimulate learning and wonder for all learners.” —Natalie Harder, Director of Learning

Browse our Wish List to Donate to the Garden.

Thanks for your continued support in keeping our Garden thriving!