Weddings & Social Occasions

Designed to blur the line between the indoors and out, the TBGs event spaces and adjoining garden courtyards provide the perfect settings for wedding ceremonies and receptions, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversaries, showers and cocktail receptions. You and your guests will enjoy the added convenience of holding ceremony, reception and photography sessions all in one location. Our venue lends itself to unique and personalized events with our flexible décor, creative catering partners and a seasonally changing garden setting.

Celebrate your milestone occasion and wow your guests in one of the most beautiful places in the city.

Download our Event Space Rental Brochure for more information.

Please fill out our Rental Inquiry Form so that we can better assist you.

Contact us to book an appointment and take a tour of our facilities.


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  4. Wedding 2015

    Just tell us what the rates are! The most frustrating part of planning a wedding is that everyone wants you to contact them (so they can waste your time by trying to upsell you beyond your budget!) instead of just…telling…you…the…COST!

  5. Toronto Botanical Garden

    At the Toronto Botanical Garden we do our very best to meet or exceed your expectation. Our basic fees include the event space, tables, chairs, free parking, and access to our beautiful gardens (some spaces also include an adjacent courtyard, kitchen and audio system). Decor and catering can be added based on your need and budget.

  6. Sara

    Question: If we were interested in using some of the outdoor space for a pre-prom gathering/to take some photos, how would rental work for that?

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  8. tanya

    this went in an interesting direction….
    the reason why rates are not usually posted, is so that each venue can keep their fees competitive. if everything was posted online – there’s nothing to stop ruthless venues from undercutting others on the fees.

    also.. every bride wants to think their wedding is special. because it is! tbg and venues like it aren’t like cookie-cutter banquet halls. it all depends on so many things:
    guest count
    time of year/day
    ceremony onsite?
    brunch or dinner?
    seated or standup?
    draping? florals?
    band or dj?

    etc etc etc…
    some people want their budget to include everything from hair to the desserts. others don’t have a budget at all.

    TBG is one of toronto’s busiest wedding venues for a reason ( i know this because i work with them as a planner, and no they do not pay me btw). they work tirelessly with a variety of brides, wedding vendors from large to small and everything in between.

    also of note, TBG is one of the few venues in which you can do your own alcohol – one of the most expensive components of a wedding reception. if they were going to ‘upsell’ you – that would be the most lucrative way for them to do that.

    i think doing some online research about what the average wedding costs prior to reaching out to venues will help you determine what your needs/wants are. once you get to the point of needing to find a home/date for your wedding – any venue will be more than happy to have your business!

    • Cynthia

      BAM! Well put Tanya.

      Planning a wedding is a lot to think about and venues want to ensure your vision is executed properly. If you want a set price then golf courses and banquet halls are there for that. but venues where everything needs to be brought in to make your event everything you envision it to be…well I wouldn’t want a set price when every weddings needs are SO different because then you get charged for things you may not need. Do your research, a wedding is an investment not shopping online for a new pair of shoes!

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