Honourary Patron: Adrienne Clarkson

The TBG Board of Directors is composed of talented professionals, each one a committed volunteer. The entire board meets once a month; board members develop policy and oversee and participate in many committees on an ongoing basis.

HONOURARY PATRON: Adrienne Clarkson

Brian Bixley, Mark Cullen, Camilla Dalglish, Sondra Gotlieb, Marjorie Harris, Lorraine Johnson, Michele Landsberg, Susan Macauley, Helen Skinner


Tim Bermingham
Mark Bonham
Ellen Carr
Heather Cullen
Beth Edney
Colomba B. Fuller
Ryan Glenn
Rebecca Golding
Allan Kling
Cathy Kozma
Elaine Le Feuvre
Shelagh Meagher
Penny Richards
Judy Shirriff
Nancy Tong
Barbara Yager

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