Certificate in Garden Design

Offered in partnership with Continuing Education at George Brown College, this certificate, for both beginners and avid gardeners, takes a practical approach to gardens and landscapes. Working horticulturists help students build the skills needed to design, install and maintain gardens in Ontario. Some courses offer field trips.

For more information:, 416-415-5000, ext 2092, or Most courses are held at George Brown College beginning in fall, winter and spring.

George Brown certificate preps law clerk to turn a love of gardening into a business for retirement

Elaine dos Santos looks back on her decision to register with Continuing Education at George Brown College—and change the direction of her career at age 57—as a monumental moment in her life. “I’d spent the previous 36 years working as a law clerk. I wanted to tap into the creative side of my personality,” she says. “I wanted to start planning my retirement, which, for me, means not working five days a week.” Read on…



Growing Into a Career, George Brown student goes from silver screen to green garden

Samantha Armstrong was living the Hollywood dream. As a script supervisor, she accumulated an impressive resumé of more than 25 feature films (including The Recruit, The Hurricane and Four Brothers). But, after 17 years of long hours in the film industry, she was ready for a new challenge.

“I was looking for a career change,” she says. “Garden design was one of the things that attracted my interest immediately. I had enjoyed gardening on my own for many years and it was something I wanted to try professionally. It would be a big change, but I knew I would still need many of the organizational and other skills I developed working in the film industry.” Read on…

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