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Certificate in Floral Design

To learn more about designing with flowers, either for your own enjoyment or for professional training, enrol in TBG’s Floral Design Certificate program. This series of hands-on integrated courses is taught by accredited floral design judges from the Garden Clubs of Ontario. Margaret Taylor, coordinator for the Floral Design Certificate program, is a past president of the Garden Club of Toronto and an internationally known and accredited floral design judge, teacher and demonstrator.

TBG’s Certificate in Floral Design requires eight courses of instruction over no more than six years. Students successfully complete five mandatory courses with an additional three courses drawn from a variety of electives. The foundation courses, Introduction to Floral Design and Basic Floral Design are prerequisites to all other mandatory and elective floral design certificate courses. (To ensure the program develops students based on the same set of skills, TBG does not offer exemptions to those with outside experience.)

Mandatory Courses (availability will vary from term to term, click here for the current offerings)

  • Introduction to Floral Design*
  • Basic Floral Design*
  • Creative Floral Design
  • Modern Floral Design
  • Miniature, Small and Large Floral Design

* Introduction to Floral Design is the prerequisite to Basic Floral Design and both are prerequisites for all other mandatory and elective floral design certificate courses. When registering online, please register only if you have the stated prerequisite, otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.

Electives (selections will vary from term to term)

  • Special Occasion Florals
  • Modern Techniques
  • Manipulation Foliage
  • Ikebana Design
  • Sympathy/Tribute Design
  • Floral Designs from Historic Periods
  • Floral Bouquets
  • Table Design
  • Abstract Design
  • Designing with Glass
  • Designing with Lilies, Roses, Orchids and Tropicals

To receive the Floral Design Certificate:

  • The Floral Design Certificate program is optional. Registration is not mandatory in order to take TBG floral design courses.
  • There is a one-time fee of $20 to register and you can enrol in the program anytime. All applicable floral design courses you have taken in a six-year period, regardless of when you register, count toward the certificate.
  • Perfect attendance is encouraged in all floral design classes in order to receive the certificate. Please note, we are unable to transfer students to future classes to make up for those missed in a course; an additional course may be required.
  • When you have acquired the necessary courses and would like to receive your certificate, please email the adult education coordinator at adulted@torontobotanicalgarden.ca to verify your attendance records.

While TBG monitors attendance and administrates courses, it may take some students a number of years to complete all eight courses. Therefore, we ask that students please keep a record of classes attended and inform the adult education coordinator when you have completed the required courses for the certificate and your attendance will be verified. Please make every effort to attend all classes, as we are unable to transfer students to future classes to make up for those missed in a course; taking an additional course may be required.

A graduation ceremony takes place at Toronto Botanical Garden each September when we invite all eligible students to attend and formally receive their certificate in person.

Floral Design Certificate Program
[PG15FDCP] $20

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