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Members Exclusive: Online Adult Education this Fall

Exclusive offer for TBG members and volunteers in November and December 2020.

Join our FREE Online Adult Education sessions this fall as we explore native plants, learn about managing invasive species, discover the beauty of tropical plants, and uncover the magic of a Piet Oudolf garden. As we shift our adult programming to an online format, we will be learning from your valuable feedback as we develop our online offerings for next year.

Registration information will be sent via email to all TBG members and volunteers. Not a member? Become one today!

Mon, Nov 30, noon
Invasive Plant Species in Toronto’s Woodlands: Identification & Look-alikes

In this Lunch & Learn, Katherine Baird, Toronto Botanical Garden’s resident ecologist, will build your understanding of invasive exotic plants and the threat they pose to natural areas within urban environments, as well as the cumulative impacts of those threats. She will discuss some of the most common invasive plant species, and help you develop your identification skills so that you can differentiate between invasive plants and their look-alike species.

Thu, Dec 3, 2020 7 p.m.
A Piet Oudolf Story
Be inspired! Explore the Piet Oudolf approach to garden design with design consultant and educator Deborah Chud. Join Deborah as she traces her own discovery of Piet Oudolf’s work and explains the extensive research she conducted and methodologies she used in creating a garden in his style. Deborah will also walk you though the historical context in which Oudolf emerged as a landscape designer and his basic principles of landscape design.

Mon, Dec 7, noon
Toronto’s Native Plants and Forested Ecosystems
From the uncommon buttonbush to common Canada goldenrod, plants native to the Toronto area vital to the health and wellbeing of Toronto’s green spaces. Join Toronto Botanical Garden’s ecologist Katherine Baird in an exploration showcasing the importance of native plants and the ecological services they provide in supporting ecosystems and wildlife. Katherine will take you on a virtual tour of plants native to the Toronto area and the communities they make up, as well as explore some lesser known species and some commonly misunderstood species.

Tue, Dec 8, 7 p.m.
Tropical Treasures
What is the most you’ve ever spent on a tropical plant? $50…$100…$250… How about $12,000? Toronto Botanical Garden’s own Director of Horticulture Paul Gellatly has a personal collection of over 600 tropical plants, including many rare and unusual specimens sourced from collectors worldwide. He is also actively following the recent surge of Tropical Plant Collectors, from imports to auctions. Join him as he shares with you the trends and opportunities in tropical plant collecting, and offers you a glimpse into his own personal plant collection

* One presentation attendee will have the opportunity to win a tropical plant from Paul’s personal collection! Details to follow.*





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