A who’s who of Toronto and area garden influencers

This year marks the silver anniversary of the Toronto Botanical Garden’s quintessential garden tour, Through the Garden Gate. To celebrate 25 years of gardening, we talked with 25 movers and shakers who have influenced gardening in Toronto. We asked them to ponder the last two decades and a half and share their thoughts on the most significant (and most reviled) trends, best (and worst) plants, most valuable lessons learned (and lost) and plenty more!  Here’s who they are:

Anne Kotyk, Toronto Master Gardeners

Beckie Fox, editor GardenMaking

Bill Stensson, Sheridan Nurseries

Caroline de Vries, Tradewinds International

Christine Gracey, D.A. Gracey & Associates Ltd.

Dugald Cameron, Gardenimport

Janet Rosenberg, Janet Rosenberg & Associates

Jeurgen Partridge, Jeurgen Partridge Ltd.

Joel Loblaw, Joel Loblaw Inc.

Kennedy McRae, Earth Inc.

Kim Price, Kim Price Landscape Design

Larry Davidson, Lost Horizons

Lorne Hancock, Hancock Landscape Planning & Design

Lorraine Johnson, author

Mark Cullen, garden communicator

Martin Wade, Martin Wade Landscape Architects

Neil Pike, Neil Pike Landscape Architects and Contractors

Neil Turnbull, Neil Turnbull Limited

Paul Zammit, Nancy Eaton Director of Horticulture, Toronto Botanical Garden

Penny Arthurs, The Chelsea Gardener & Associates

Peter Guinane, Oriole Landscaping

Sheila Murrary, Belisle/Murray Landscape Architects

Sonia Day, author and gardening columnist

Stephen Aikenhead Aikenhead & Associates

Terry McGlade Flynn Canada  

Tom Sparling, Sparling Landscape Architects

Victoria Lister Carley