Three-leaved clovers growing in a mass.

Botanical Nerd Word: Ternate

Ternate: Divided in three; e.g., trifoliate leaf.* Shamrocks, or clovers, have ternate leaves. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! *Pell, S.K., Angell, B. (2016). A botanist’s vocabulary: 1300 terms explained and illustrated. …

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Aloe vera leaves

Botanical Nerd Word: Sarcous

Sarcous: Fleshy.* Succulents and cacti are typically very fleshy plants. This Aloe vera has sarcous leaves, prized for their skin-soothing properties. *Harris, J.G., Harris, M.W. (2001). Plant identification terminology: An …

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Botanical Nerd Word: Pinnate

Pinnate: Leaf with veins, lobes, leaflets, or dissections arising along a central elongate axis.* These beech leaves (Fagus sylvatica) have a pinnate vein pattern. *Pell, S.K., Angell, B. (2016). A botanist’s …

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