What’s New in the Garden Shop

Our Garden Shop is always “buzzing” with inspiration and brimming with quality essentials for gardeners of all ages. You’ll find a thoughtful selection of quality seeds, seasonal flowering bulbs, choice …

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Snowdrops blooming in the Westview Terrace

Botanical Nerd Word: Scape

Scape: A leafless flower stalk.* Snowdrops (Galanthus) produce their flowers at the end of scapes. Garlic also produces scapes which are edible and delicious! *Allaby, M. (2006). A dictionary of plant …

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Paperwhites showing keeled flower stalk

Botanical Nerd Word: Carina

Carina: A keel or ridge.* These paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus) have keeled flower stalks with a prominent ridge running the length of each side. Paperwhites are commonly forced to bloom indoors in the …

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What to Plant When… in Fall

When it comes to successful gardening, says Veronica Sliva, timing is everything. Fall is the second busiest gardening season Plant container-grown and “balled and burlap” trees and shrubs. Plant spring-flowering …

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Eranthis hyemalis

Top 10 spring plants

These spring flowering plants put on a stunning display in the gardens of the Toronto Botanical Garden. Perennials Eranthis hyemalis(Winter aconite) Zone 3   Helleborus niger (Christmas rose) Zone 3 …

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