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The Weston Family Library Gets a New Art Gallery and a Mini-Facelift

You’re invited to the grand opening on Thursday, September 27, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Wine and nibbles  FREE ADMISSION

Please join us to welcome the TBG Art Gallery to the Weston Family Library. During the year, the Library will feature rotating displays of work by some of Canada’s best botanical artists. Come to the grand opening to meet the inaugural exhibiting artists, Jean Johnson and Penelope Stewart, and admire the library’s inviting new look.

The TBG Weston Family Library is Canada’s largest private horticultural library with well over 10,000 books, magazines, ephemera, research materials and archival holdings. Although it’s been a bit of a hidden gem, the TBG wants to change that. Under the spirited guidance of Head Librarian Zachary Osborne, many wonderful new programs and initiatives are bringing added recognition to this great collection. These programs include a series of informal chats offered before TBG lectures called “Talking Books”; an intimate monthly salon series called “HortiCULTURE”; a summer reading club for kids; Osborne’s “Gardening on the Web” series; his lively and informative new blog called “From the Stacks”; a travelling bookmobile; and a special new library-only membership.

With all these exciting initiatives underway, it was also time to liven up the library space and make it more welcoming. We hope you like the changes.

Please join us for the inaugural exhibition and stay tuned to hear more about the many new things that the TBG library is planning. Admission is free.

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