TBG Celebrates National Volunteer Week: Audrey

In honour of National Volunteer Week, we at the Toronto Botanical Garden are delighted to be able to profile just a few of our wonderful volunteers, who are a such great support to the TBG. In fact, if we profiled one volunteer a day for 365 days, we still would not be able to thank them all.

The volunteers featured this week are representative of the quality and depth of skills and experience our volunteers bring to their various roles. We are privileged and proud to have so many terrific volunteers, and thank each and every one of them for the valued contribution they make. Quite simply, we couldn’t do it without them.

After a career as an early childhood Educator with the City Of Toronto Audrey wasted no time at all getting started volunteering. She retired at the end of June 2001 and in September 2001 she was volunteering in the TBG shop on Friday mornings. Audrey has been a regular weekly support to this retail facility ever since.

For Audrey volunteering in the community where one lives and volunteering at the TBG are both special to her for many reasons.  What she most enjoys about volunteering in the shop is the interesting people that you meet, families with young children, visitors from other countries and people from the community that wander into the shop during a visit to the gardens and of course TBG members all make volunteering so rewarding.

Audrey’s  volunteering does not end there though. She is also a “Friendly Visitor” at the Better Living Centre Thompson House, where her role is totally different but also very rewarding. At Thompson House she is always greeted by the residents by name and with a smile. Last year Audrey received a 5 year service award from the Citizen and Immigration for Canada for her role with Thompson House.

Audrey says that one “gets back a great deal more than one gives” : a great testimony to volunteering.

We are so glad Audrey is a regular part of TBG’s activities, long may this continue. Thank you Audrey.