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Saturdays at the St. Lawrence Market

Join us downtown at St. Lawrence Market on Saturdays throughout the summer from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. as we take our educational programs ‘on the road’. Look for our booth on Market Lane near the fountain.

July 6: A Feast for the Eyes: Ornamental Edibles
Demonstration use of edible plants in ornamental containers.
Activity: Make your own ornamental edible container with a pairing of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

July 13: Wiggly Composting
Demonstration worm bins, worm trays and magnifying glasses.
Activity: Newspaper ripping, veggie chopping and feeding. Soil harvesting activity using either a sifter or a lamp.

July 20: Bountiful Berries
Demonstrating growing berries in containers; strawberries, haskap, blueberries.
Activity: Propagating ever-bearing strawberries from cuttings.

July 27: Urban Beekeeping
Demonstration hive & bee equipment.
Activity: honey tasting and planting basil seeds in peat containers to attract pollinators.

August 3: Civic Long WeekendNo Programming

August 10: Eat Your Flowers!
Demonstrate various edible flowers to add to your gardens or containers.
Activity: Plant edible flowers or veggies to keep the garden growing indoors as the summer winds down. Make up seed packets to get ready for next year.

August 17: Spines & Leaves: Gardening Resources
Demonstrate with used gardening books.
Activity: ‘TBG Buttonicals’. Use TBG’s button maker to make your own buttons from used books on fruits and vegetables.

August 24: Pea Shoots, We Score!
Demonstrate examples of growing your own sprouts and micro greens all year long.
Activity: Planting peas in berry containers to grow your own indoor pea shoots.

August 31: Labour DayNo Programming

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