Weston Family Library Seed Packet Request Form


Thank you for participating in the Weston Family Library Seed Exchange! 

Some things to keep in mind 

  • Only save seed from healthy plants. 
  • Save from multiple plants to ensure genetic diversity. 
  • Do not donate seed from hybrid plants, or plants that may have cross-pollinated with other varieties 

Weston Family Library accepts donations of native, organic, openly pollinated, heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seed, grown and collected by home and community gardeners around Ontario. 

All donated seeds must be mature, dry, and free of dirt, debris and chaff. 

  1. Harvest seeds from your heirloom or open-pollinated vegetables or flowers in the fall following the method required for the varietal. 
  2. Complete this online form to request official seed packets from the library. The library accepts only Weston Family Library official seed packets for the exchange. 
  3. Put the seeds into the official Weston Family seed packet you picked up from the library. 
  4. Complete the donation form. 
  5. Complete the label on the packet. NOTE: Please, put a maximum of 20 seeds in each packet. 
  6. Bring your labelled and sealed seed packets to Toronto Botanical Garden and drop them into the library’s return box located at the main doors.  
  7. They will be added to the exchange so that other people will be able to check them out next year.