A View into the World of Monarch Tagging on EARTH DAY

Earth Day Event – Thursday, April 22, 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Monarchs need our help! These beautiful butterflies are essential in contributing to the health of our planet, but climate change, habitat loss, and pesticide use are threatening our important friend. This Earth Day join Betty McCulloch who has tagged over 8,300 monarch butterflies. Learn how and where to tag, and explore past tagging observations. Betty will teach you about the monarch life cycle, migration, and the process of tagging. Discover what you can do to help the monarch from becoming extinct, and gain appreciation for this small but mighty butterfly.

Public $15, TBG Member or Volunteer $12
plus fees + HST
Online (Zoom)


About Betty McCulloch

Betty McCulloch is a Citizen Scientist, which really means that she is a volunteer. A retired professor of nursing, lover of nature – particularly butterflies and birds – Betty has been involved with tagging over 8,300 butterflies in the past seven years at Rosetta McClain Gardens, Scarborough. Her focus in her presentations is on monarch butterflies and their life journey and environmental challenges, working towards keeping our monarch butterfly a living species.