Staying for lunch or self-guided activities before or after your program

If you wish to remain for the full day or to have lunch on the grounds, you may do so by adding on our optional Hike-in-a-bag program to your registration. This program allows TBG school program participants to stay on the grounds without procuring a picnic or group visit permit from the city.

If you sign up for this additional program, you will borrow an activity-filled backpack and map of the grounds. This backpack will identify you to city staff as participants in a TBG program. Inside the backpack are simple materials to help you guide your students in an exploration of the gardens. You may choose to do some or all of these activities, or you can plan your own activities.

Hike-in-a-bag adds $1 to the per-student cost of your trip.

Hike-in-a-bag activities

Full activity descriptions are in the booklet in the backpack.

Activity Description Materials provided
Animal Charades Students act-out different animals.
Animal Math Students look for animal habitats and use math skills to predict how many animals live in the area. animal math sheets, dry-erase markers, felt erasers
Ants on a Twig Students observe ants. They then play a game to show ant behaviour. magnifying glasses
Earth Art Students make art using natural materials.
River Racers


Students find out how fast Wilket Creek is flowing using natural materials.
Scavenger Hunts


Students use the scavenger hunt sheets to observe and learn more about the gardens and woodlands. scavenger hunt sheets, dry-erase markers, felt erasers
Tree Huggers


Students measure the circumference of different trees. measuring tape,

Tree Huggers activity sheet

Hike-in-a-bag backpacks also contain field guides, bug boxes and a nature-themed storybook to be used as the group leader sees fit.