Storytime in the Garden: The Boreal Forest with Lindsey Carmichael

Saturday, April 24, 10 to 11 a.m.
Join award-winning children’s author Lindsey Carmichael as she leads your family in an exploration of the boreal forest – the largest, most northern forest in the world…with 29 per cent of it is right here in Canada! This introduction to the boreal biome will help kids understand why forests matter. Lindsey will explore biodiversity with a look at the animals – both iconic and obscure – who call the boreal forest home. She will also get you up and moving as she demonstrated how photosynthesis helps forests prevent climate change. This program runs approximately 30 minutes, leaving plenty of time to answer questions. Attendees will also receive a free printable pdf with instructions for an at-home forest filtration experiment.

Family-friendly. Suitable for ages 6 and up
Online (Zoom Webinar)
All participants’ cameras will be OFF at all times. This presentation will not be recorded.
Your free printable pdf as well as your Zoom login details will be sent two days prior to the event.

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Orders made by April 18 will be eligible for a signed book plate by Lindsey!
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Storytime in the Garden is a new children’s author series, generously supported by Joan Wright.

About Lindsey Carmichael

At some point, every kid starts asking “Why?”. Lindsey Carmichael never stopped. As a PhD candidate, she uncovered new reasons why arctic foxes are the coolest; as a forensic scientist, she found out why bears sometimes get away with murder. As a writer, she follows her sense of wonder to the “whys” of subjects as diverse as nature, the environment, medicine, and technology.

The award-winning author of more than 20 STEM books for children and young adults, Lindsey writes to spark her readers’ curiosity and ignite their imaginations. Packed with “oh wow!” and “I never knew that!”, her books reveal the process of discovery and the stories behind the science. A popular speaker, Lindsey’s school visits encourage inquiry and kindle a love of life-long learning.

Publishing under the name L. E. Carmichael, Lindsey loves beaches, platypuses, and all things fantasy. She’s fascinated by the moment when facts reveal truth.