A Tree is a Home by Pamela Hickman

Saturday, October 2, 10 to 11 a.m.

Join best-selling children’s author Pamela Hickman as she reads from her new book A Tree is a Home which explores how an oak tree, and its animal inhabitants change and grow over the course of a year. Pamela will show you and your family how to make your own cool “gadgets” that will help in your nature explorations. She will also share stories about her own experiences writing non-fiction nature books.

This program runs approximately 30 minutes, leaving plenty of time to answer questions. 
Order your copy of A Tree is a Home from TBG’s Garden Shop.


About the Author

With a background in environmental studies and biology, Pamela Hickman started her writing career as the education co-ordinator for the Federation of Ontario Naturalists. This role involved writing education kits about nature and the environment that were used by teachers in classrooms. Since going freelance in 1990, she has published over 40 books for children and teens.  

Through her books, Pamela tries to capture her readers’ interest in nature by finding the truly weird and wonderful aspects of plants and animals. She is very enthusiastic about the amazing creatures out there and hopes that enthusiasm comes through in her writing. Pamela is a big believer that creativity is an important part of writing nonfiction. Many of her books also focus on hands-on activities that involve the reader in nature discovery. Nurturing respect and fascination for nature and conservation are her ultimate goals. Pamela lives in Canning, Nova Scotia.