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What’s in Bloom: September Harvest

It’s September and what a great time to be in the garden.  Here is just a sampling of what Garden Volunteers harvested on Thursday.

The Harvest here at the TBG is in full swing as Garden Volunteers picked tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans on Thursday.

Argiope aurantia (Black and yellow garden spider) busy with her own harvest in the Entry Garden Meadow.

The Entry Garden Meadow really is in all its glory in September.  Here Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Cassian’ (Fountain grass) with Verbena bonariensis (Brazilian verbena), is one of many perennial grasses in full flower.

Us & the spiders aren’t the only ones busy harvesting – look closely on the left of this Chelone glabra (White turtlehead) and see the guest bee busy at work.

September is also Colchicum autumnale (Fall crocus) time.  Planted throughout the gardens, here in the West View Terrace.


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