What’s In Bloom: Prairie Planting in July and More …

A view of Leucanthemum ‘Becky’ at the Toronto Island Water Treatment Plant, planted & maintained by TBG garden staff.

A Monarch butterfly makes its arrival at the Toronto Island Water Treatment Plant garden.  I had the privilege of designing this garden three years ago on behalf of the TBG.   It rests upon Echinacea  ‘Magnus’ (Purple coneflower).

Although the two 100-plus beds are not accessible by the public, it has been planted so that visitors to the island can see it beyond the wrought-iron fence.  This is but one section of the East bed.

This is a view of one section of the West bed of the Toronto Island Water Treatment Plant.  TBG gardeners have maintained these gardens for the last three years.

Another section of the Island Garden for Toronto Water, cared for on behalf of the TBG garden staff.

TBG garden staff, volunteers, & interns, worked very hard last week to plant the short- and tall-grass prairie meadows of the Woodland Walk.  Here is a section of the layout to be planted.

We have the privilege of welcoming three interns to work alongside the garden staff.  Here are Vincent, Caterina (from Italy), & Kenny.

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