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June Showers


Paeonia (Intersectional Hybrid Group) ‘Cora Louise’; This fabulous Itoh peony in the Perennial border is still blooming strong into June, after the rain.

Paeonia (Intersectional Hybrid Group) ‘Bartzella’; another fabulous Itoh peony going strong into June!!  Despite a dry May and terrific rain through beginning of June, the TBG peony collection is holding it flowers!

Indigofera kirilowii (Kirlow indigo); In the West View Terrace, this terrific indigo has taken nicely to fill a section of the garden.  After flowering, it still looks good well into the summer months, turning colour for fall.

Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf hydrangea); In the Garden Hall Courtyard, in the water channel bed, this stand of Oakleaf hydrangeas is flowering for the first time since planting in 2006 – & it looks stunning.

Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf hydrangea); Detail of flower and leaves, in the Garden Hall Courtyard along the water channel.

The Knot Garden after vigorous and painstakingly careful pruning for the TBG Woman 2 Woman garden event last week.  Come and see what you too can do to your hedges!

The Entry Garden Meadow is ever-changing daily!  Its not just about the grass you’ll see as you stroll past along the path.

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