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What’s in Bloom: February19-26

In the Garden Hall Courtyard:

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Super Stripe’ (Maiden Grass); this variety of porcupine grass boasts more golden horizontal stripes than any other, and here in winter it’s upright habit is unmatched as well as its bronzed late season colour

In the West View Terrace:

Corylus avellana ‘Red Majestic’ (Purple Corkscrew Hazel); This corkscrew hazel produces catkins in late winter, and along with its contorted and twisted stems, provides much interest and is also popular for flower arranging

In the Water Garden – North:

Pinus sylvestris ‘Fastigiata’ (Columnar Blue Scotch Pine, Scots Pine); this strictly columnar form of Scots Pine remains slender in habit reaching up to 25 feet

In the Entry Garden:

Helleborus x hybridus ‘Blue Lady’ (Lenton Rose); Hellebores are one of the earliest flowering perennials of the late winter/early spring garden; the thick leathery evergreen foliage can be cut back now to make way for stems of downward facing flowers pushing through the earth

In the Floral Hall Courtyard:

Prunus maackii (Manchurian Cherry); this attractive small tree is perfectly suited to northern gardens as it prefers cool climates; beautiful tree bark ranging from cinnamon-brown to yellow-brown, which may be shed

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