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What’s in Bloom: Bulb Planting

The weather has been perfect for bulb planting – and continues to be so raining just in time to water bulbs planted in the Entry Garden last week.

So many visitors ask me while planting ‘What bulbs are those?’  I did a mix of tulips & daffodils as seen above, with a splash of smaller bulb gems yet to be planted.

Before planting we always try to keep preparation in  terms of cutting back existing perennials to a minimum.  Here, peony stems as well as veronica & yarrow were selectively cut to allow planting of bulbs between plants.   We also work off boards, especially when the soil is wet, to allow for dispersement of weight over a greater surface area, which helps prevent compaction of the soil.

These bulbs are prepared and laid out for planting – the question is how deep?

The next question I get asked is how deep should I plant daffodil & tulip bulbs?  Minimum 6″, but 8″ is even better for daffodils and standard tulip bulbs.  Species tulips are much smaller and are planted at a depth of 4-5″.

The most popular plant in the garden which I get asked about this time of year, aside from bulb planting advice, is Callicarpa dichotoma ‘Early Amethyst’ (Beautyberry) found in the Show Garden covered in beautiful amethyst fruit.


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