Kitchen & Herb Garden

The kitchen garden is full of natural beauty and DIY ideas for growing your own veggies, herbs and more. You’ll also notice a compost bin close at hand to help feed the garden, from the garden. Don’t miss the uniquely designed bee hotel nearby!


  • The TBG’s kitchen garden is a diverse space that demonstrates a variety of methods for growing vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs in a sustainable, organic and aesthetically pleasing manner. Organic gardening techniques, crop rotation and companion planting are practiced here for plant health and maximum food production.
  • Vegetables harvested from the garden are donated to the North York Harvest Food bank.
  • Fruit trees that have been espaliered or cordoned (that is, trained into one main stem through vigorous pruning) demonstrate kitchen garden techniques for small spaces. Also featured are specialized fruit pruning techniques and potager gardening particularly relevant for small gardens.