Southern Ontario Orchid Society’s Annual Orchid Show

Date(s) - Saturday, February 11, 2017
All Day

Toronto Botanical Garden

Lift Yourself to Cloud 9 this February

Coming out of the doldrums of December?  Sick of sniffles and the flu? The thought of facing the February blahs got you down? Wish that you could step into a lush tropical paradise or cloud forest on an eco-tour but don’t think you have the escape money?

Worry not and set your sights and emotional heights instead on the Southern Ontario Orchid Society‘s spectacular annual orchid show taking place February 11–12, 2017 at the Toronto Botanical Garden. With exhibitors and vendors displaying well in excess of 30, 000 blooms in a riot of colours and patterns in a nearly indescribable variety of exotic shapes and sizes your spirits will take wing.

From the bizarre to the sublime to the merely awesome, orchid flowers never fail to move mountains of human exhilaration and cheer. The 30,000-plus types in nature can be found on every land mass on Earth except in areas of perpetual snow, and there are nearly 10 times as many hybrids!

So whether you prefer flowers from tropical Asiatic lowlands or the soaring slopes of the Andes or somewhere in between you’re sure to find living examples on display and for sale at the show that will loft your visions and explode your perspectives. And don’t forget the aromas; orchid fragrances will have you floating on air!

There’s more in the way of art and photographic exhibits, conservation, seminars on growing, and tours of the exhibitors’ displays, all created, staffed, or led by experts and all included with the low price of admission. There’s even special times, Sat. 5:30–7:30 pm and Sun. 9:00–11:00 am, during which admission will be restricted to limited numbers of photographers with tripods.

But don’t stop there. Scale your fears about growing orchids by purchasing a few or several to take home. Many orchids are surprisingly easy to grow and re-flower if you cater to their needs. Our members do it, and so can you! You’ll find yourself on Cloud 9 with memories and new friends to soar you through the rest of the winter, and since show proceeds go to support orchid habitat conservation everywhere, you’ll be doing a good deed at the same time!

SOOS is a not-for-profit organization.

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Photo credit: Jay Norris

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