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Gardening on the Web Series

In anticipation of the spring and summer gardening seasons, this new series is designed for gardeners of any skill and comfort level who want to learn more about using the Internet as a resource to enhance their gardening knowledge. These classes will provide a hands-on introduction to a broad range of online resources and tools, from databases, to search strategies, web communities, and social media. Held in the Weston Family Library, attendees will each use a computer to discover practical web tools, and gain a better understanding of gardening resources online. Coffee and tea will be provided at the break.

Session 1: Gardening information online: Covering the basics
[PG12S47] Zachary Osborne, TBG Head Librarian
This introductory session will convert any Luddite into a confident, 21st century, Internet-savvy Web gardener. Participants will be introduced to popular search engines, basic search strategies, how to organize links through “bookmarking”, and will develop an understanding and use for “Web 2.0” and social media tools.  Increase your awareness of how to find, retrieve, share, and disseminate gardening and horticultural information on the Web. There is no pre-requisite set of skills or knowledge required to participate, all you will need is an interest and willingness to learn.
Tuesday, April 3, 1 to 3 p.m.
Public $20; members $15

Session 2: Searching: Resources, tools, and strategies
[PG12S48] Zachary Osborne, TBG Head Librarian
This session is designed for the inquisitive, research-oriented, and answer-driven gardener. Participants will gain exposure and understanding to a range of subject-specific databases and resources, such as horticultural libraries, plant-specific resources, online collections, non-traditional sources, as well as advanced search strategies for these resources.
Tuesday, March 20, 1 to 3 p.m.
Public $20; members $15

Session 3: Starting your own gardening Blog
[PG12S49] Zachary Osborne, TBG Head Librarian
Gardening Blogs have been around since the advent of web publishing, and this session is an opportunity for you to create your own! In this session we will identify various Blog platforms, discuss intended audience, and will explore some popular gardening Blogs. This session will cover blogging from start to finish: from the conceptual design, theme, and layout of your Blog, to publishing posts, using tags, adding photos, and hyperlinks. We will also discuss using Smartphone mobile devices to post content, and how to keep up with your Blog. This session is for anyone with an interest in sharing ideas and content. All skill levels are welcome.
Tuesday, March 27, 1 to 3 p.m.
Public $20; members $15

Join us for all three sessions and save!
[PG12S50] Public $51; members $38


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