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Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Fall Registration Opens August 6  Paul’s Picks: Autumn Containers Soak up Paul’s secrets to creating a lush and dramatic autumn container display. Get great tips on choosing containers,...

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Bulb of the Month: <i>Gladiolus callianthus</i>

Bulb of the Month: Gladiolus callianthus

Life would be easier if taxonomists didn't rename bulbs and plants so often. I've always had a sneaking suspicion that they own the label companies, making buckets of money every time they change the...

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Paul’s Plant Pick: Still Looking Great: <em>Bergenia</em> ‘Magic Giant’

Paul’s Plant Pick: Still Looking Great: Bergenia ‘Magic Giant’

Here is a Bergenia, commonly know as pigsqueak, which seems to be on steroids. This extra-large-growing selection first caught my attention in the Sweetpea's display at Canada Blooms last March. I...

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