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Nature Mom: Move over Turkey. Halloween is here!

Although orange is the classic pumpkin, they come in all shapes and colours now.

Aside from the year long, never-ending conversation about their birthdays, my kids’ second “most-important-event-of-the-year” is Halloween.

They love planning their costumes and talk about them in detail long before October 31. Lucky for them, their dad sews. That sewing machine is hard at work the last two weeks of October. (Or rather, the eve of October 30 when they’ve finally settled on what they want to be.) So far, this year seems to be the year of scary – a monster, a witch and a tiger.

But Halloween isn’t just about the costume anymore. It’s all about Halloween décor and making your house and garden look as creepy as can be.

When I was a kid, we carved a pumpkin after school on the day of Halloween, plopped it on the front porch with a candle in it and that was that. Today, you wouldn’t be caught dead (or half-dead) with just a pumpkin on your porch!

To begin, there are many different shapes and colours of pumpkins to choose from – white, green and a blue-hue, are just a few to create your creepiest jack-o-lanterns (notice the plural).

Secondly, to even be considered Halloween worthy, according to my kids, you have to have at least one glow-in-the-dark skeleton hanging on the porch, a big creepy bat or spider inconspicuously placed in a shrub, and tombstones or other scary things embedded in the garden. And that doesn’t include the obligatory hanging of the homemade ghost art that covers the front windows.

Here is our Mini-Gourd Garland on the front door. My daughter insisted on some spook.


This year, I decided to add a simple fall craft to the mix.

I got the ideas from none other than the décor queen herself, Martha Stewart. We made these Mini-Gourd Garlands using a drill (adults only) and some twine.

We hung them on our front door for now, but I think they would also look great over the mantle. Check it out here

On Saturday, October 26 between 1 and 3 pm, come to the Halloween Howl at the TBG. There will be an afternoon of spooky scavenger hunts, tantalizing treats, and a light-hearted look at all the creepy critters of this haunted holiday! You need to accompany your child and registration is required. Costumes of course!


If you have some extra time, here are a couple of other Halloween décor ideas to add a little spook to your front entrance. They’re so simple, your kids could definitely help out.

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